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Nov 23, 2012 8:00pm EST
, the new york city police commissioner nominated by president bush to be part of his department of all land -- homeland security. they didn't vett him carefully because later he pleaded tuilty to -- guilty to fraud. or the designation as secretary of labor that had to be withdrawn the next week because a woman gave her some money and it may or may not have been illegal. but she had misled the vetters, and they threw her under the bus. after the governor romney campaign, there may be a new set of questions. it is a difficult thing if you are nominated to a prestigious post as an officer of the united states. the most important part happens in the senate. for instance, bill clinton wanted to support -- appoint robert reich. robert founded intimidating to be at hearings in front of the senate. he wrote a book called lost in the cabinet. these are sometimes known as murder boards. you can see why it is called that. he is explaining in his book, the preparation and his aides helping him get to the nomination process and practicing with him. i am planning for a confirmation hearing, i feel like a
Nov 23, 2012 2:00pm EST
was awarded to general george washington in 1776 for liberating the city of boston. today, we will present a congressional gold medal to aung san suu kyi in recognition of her efforts to liberate the people of burma. today, we celebrate her steadfast commitment to democracy, stability, and human dignity, and we do so in a manner worthy of her ideals. nancy pelosi initiated the measure of awarding this metal and republican george w. bush signed into law. his wife, former first lady laura bush, is with us today, as is her predecessor, secretary of state hillary clinton. coming together in mutual respect, a step from the chambers where we passionately debate the issues of the day that has become almost second nature to us. but it is a blessing, and we will hear over and over during the course of this ceremony, aung san suu kyi has shown the world just how hard one it really is. on behalf of the congress, let me express how humble and honored we are by your presence here in the rotunda of the united states capitol. >> ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the presentation of the callers by th
Nov 26, 2012 10:00am EST
with city they want this. they want that. they constantly what more documentation. they tell me they are doing more pureed then they call me up and tell me i do not qualify because of this reason for that reason. what can i do to modify my mortgage? my income is down substantially we did not do any of these loans. we did fixed loans. we cannot do any more right now because the government came around and change the rules. what i do to modify my mortgage? >> i wish i had an answer. your story sounds very similar to hundreds of other of the borrowers. there is a lot of confusion. i do not know really what to offer other than to check out the resources that lender consortium has put together. it is unfortunate that ithere have been a lot of modifications. host: thank you so much for being here. that is your money segment where we look at how taxpayer dollars are spent. we were look more on that on future mondays. we will be back at 7:00 tomorrow. we now go to the american enterprise institute which is holding a panel on a for-profit and federal education. [captioning performed by na
Nov 26, 2012 8:00pm EST
into the fall. the question is on if america will rise up and rushed to this city and announced that enough is enough. although the voices of the minority should be heard, they have a right under this flag that they will not control this nation in the most distasteful way that they have done to undermine those that cannot speak for themselves. that is what we are facing today and some have some very tough decisions to make. >> we have to go vote, so maybe we can catch up a little bit later. we have not put the caucus to a person, but we have most of them very dissatisfied and many are going to be voting no. >> are you prepared to have partial responsibility? you are willing to accept that? >> the answer is a definitive no. the reason is because all of us voted for a clean debt ceiling, and 18 times, reagan got a clean vote. this is the normal course of congress, we are all prepared to do it now. what drove us to this point? it is beyond dispute, the decoupling of the debt ceiling in debt reduction has gotten us to this place. we have been fighting for the economy. we have one more and then
Nov 27, 2012 1:00am EST
destructively partisan and and it is encouraging to me that it is bipartisan. at a time when our city has become ideologically rigid. it is clear if you look at our history that we only make progress when the compromise. we are such a big, diverse country, with some many different opinions. this is a bipartisan compromise. it is the beginning of a long, hard march back to fiscal responsibility. back to a balanced budget. what troubles me about it is that the bipartisan compromise represents a bipartisan agreement by each party to yield to the other party's most politically and ideologically sense of priorities. for democrats, it is to protect and had been spending. four republicans, it is to not raise taxes. the reality is we have got to do some of " if we are going to get our country back into balance. because this agreement does not really touch the entitlement programs, but tickly medicare, which is growing faster, bigger than any other government program, it puts all of the burden of getting back toward balance in our budget, on the so-called confectioneries spending on our budget, that is a
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)